Faheem Gharafory in 2009

Our talented Diamantaire has spent many years training and trading in diamonds in the global market.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in this artistic field.


Buraq Diamonds is an acclaimed diamond company that pride ourselves in being involved in every aspect of the diamond and jewellery process.  From the meticulous sourcing of each rough diamond to the cutting and polishing.  Then finally, the craftsmanship and design of an extraordinary piece of jewellery.


The foundation on which Buraq Diamonds has built its superb reputation is flawless integrity, expert  knowledge, exceptional quality and unparalleled  service.  Buraq Diamonds, a diamond cutting & polishing company that crafts beautiful,  bespoke jewellery, based in Durban, South Africa.

Our Goal is to create the best possible diamond and jewellery buying experience, while celebrating the purest of all emotions - Love - A Symbol of Forever.


Your options are unlimited at Buraq Diamonds, from the selection of your diamond to the designing and crafting of your unique diamond jewel.


We hand select the finest diamonds in the world that have been expertly cut by our highly skilled master craftsmen.


Buraq Diamonds takes considerable pride in our unique approach to the selection of every fine diamond and jewellery piece, giving you not only the highest quality but a satisfying, rewarding and memorable experience for you.


- Faheem Gharafory

Buraq Diamonds



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